Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Is Santa Real?

When we think of Santa, we think that he's a jolly, older man with a big sack of toys flung over his back. We think he's mystical, never really seen, but hoped for, at least for a time, until we become "wiser," and no longer believe. 

While at mass yesterday, our priest told a story of a "santa" who lives in Quebec, Canada. He doesn't deliver toys, he cuts hair. As the story goes, like the mystical "santa," he is jolly, kind, and has a beard. But his beard isn't white, and rather than a red suit, he is known for his distinctive tattoos. His shop is like a gingerbread house, but rather than candy, it's brimming with memorabilia that creates a sense of wonderment, a true treat for the eyes. 

Barber shop Abitibi

The story of this "santa" began in desperation, a mother who needed to find someone who could cut the hair of her autistic child. Autistic children need understanding as cutting their hair can be traumatic, the touch of a hand in their hair, the sound of the scissors, and the bits of hair that may fall on their face can all be too much to stand. But it was a task that Franz Jacob felt he could take on.

The appointments are scheduled for late in the day. The door is locked so no one will suddenly come in and shock the child. The lights are dimmed. Franz takes time to walk around the shop with the child and discover all there is to see, and then after a time, begins to cut the child's hair, but not in a traditional manner. He meets them where they are, and it may be lying on the floor.
Barber Franz Jacob has found ways to distract and relax Wyatt Lafrenière, who is hypersensitive when it comes to having his hair touched.

A haircut that would traditionally take no more than 30 minutes, may take up to 2 hours. He finds his reward in the smile of the child, and the look of relief on the face of a mother.  

His miracles not only take place in his shop, Franz reaches out to the terminally ill. He visits those who may only have another day or so to live and gives them one last trim, one last shave, and one last moment of feeling alive.

Regardless of our religious beliefs, we all long to believe that life is about so much more than just a typical daily routine. We long to see miracles. They are there, they can be seen, if only we look in a different way, if only we let go of the "wisdom" of age. So this season, if a child asks, "is Santa really real?" With confidence in your voice, you can say yes...yes, he is real. The magic happens when we just allow ourselves to see the miracles that happen when one reaches out to another.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Final Sewing Caddy Winner, and A Birthday Present For Me!

When I was in the second grade, there was a man who began driving around the school play yard and trying to lure children into the car. At 7 years old, I didn't understand the true implications of what he was up to, but I knew it was wrong. I remember being afraid for anyone who might get in the car, where would they go, and would they be able to get home? Of course the intentions of this man were far more dangerous and disastrous than I could possibly imagine. 

The older I get, the prouder I am of that little 7 year old girl...because she took a stand, and she told. The school nurse came to our house, I described the car and all that I had witnessed. I was scared, but I did it. That was a long time ago, and laws against sexual predators were not what they are today, so more than likely, he received a slap on the wrist, but I hope that my actions saved someone from harm. 

Since the end of August, I have been dealing with something quite difficult. I am not able to go into specifics, but it has been ugly, upsetting, and scary. Two weeks ago, that little 7 year old child rose from her hibernation, and officially reported the situation. Yesterday, the formal report was made. All these years later, not unlike the 7 year old me, I was scared, but I knew it had to be done.  In the end, my hope is that no others will not have to go through what I've been through. I'm hoping that the worst is behind me and that I can begin to resume my life without this hanging over my head. I think it is. The down side...you'll be hearing from me on a much more regular basis ;)

Without further delay....

The final winner of my little sewing caddy is....


Congratulations Joy :)
In case you don't know Joy, she blogs at Joyful Expressions and she is such a hoot! She does quite a few videos, and it's always fun to see what she is up to. So if you don't know Joy, be sure to go by and say Hi!

My husband did a wonderful thing for me for my birthday, albeit, the day after. He took me to Madison, WI, one of my favorite cities...anywhere!!! We ate great food, bought bread from  my favorite bakery, saw an incredible play, aaaaand, I got to visit Gayfeather Fabrics, see my friend Virginia, and purchase some true fabric treasures. I'll share much more about my trip next week, but a little sneak peek,

Flannel in my favorite color with airplanes!!! What a fun pair of pajama pants this is going to be. The fabric is in the washing machine now for pre-shrinking and as soon as it's dry, new pajama pants, WOOHOO! I'll share them next week. 

A few years ago, I saw 3 guys steal our neighbors boat. I was the only eye witness. When the day rolled around for the court hearing, I told my husband that I didn't want to go. He said he understood, and said that he was not going to make me go. Then he said, think about this, "how will you feel if you don't go?" I went, testified, and the criminals went to jail. 

Taking a stand is not always easy, but the reward of knowing that you did the right thing is always worth it.   

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Thank You, Paco's Top, and A Winner!

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to so many of you who sent the warmest wishes for my birthday. I was actually a little overwhelmed. Good overwhelmed though :) There were emails, ecards, and messages left on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram... WOW!!! 

My day was a quiet one. When I left you yesterday, I said that I was headed out for a massage. Typically, I can't get in at the last minute, but my body was hurting, so I thought, give it a shot. Low and behold, there was an opening! I told my therapist that she was my birthday blessing :) So, I had the massage, and then came home and soaked in a hot bath. My husband brought dinner home for us. I then crawled into bed and continued reading a very interesting book. I'll share more about the book when I finish. It's one of those that's so good that you can't wait to see what happens next. So, all in all, I had a very relaxing, peaceful day. 

Last Saturday evening, my husband and I attended the American Opera Society's Holiday Gala. Such a lovely evening. I thought I would share a picture,

The top I am wearing is from Paco Peralta's new Vogue pattern, 1567. I purchased the pattern for the skirt as I like the lines and thought it would be fun to make. I was pleasantly surprised by the top. It's a simple to make piece. Only took me about an hour from cut to finish. Take note that the shoulders are quite wide. To keep the top from falling off my shoulders, I added bra loops. Did the trick and I wasn't pulling at my top all evening. It's a great pattern and one that will easily translate into a dress. Now to get the skirt finished!

So, for the business at hand...

The 2nd winner of my little sewing caddy is...

Marie Barrase

Congratulations Marie!!! Be sure to email me, sewbussted@yahoo.com, with your address so I can pop this in the mail. 

I heard from Kathy E., and she was so very happy. Always fun to spread a little cheer around :)

Have a lovely day!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

And The Winner Is......

Today is my birthday, and as promised, the first day of the sewing caddy giveaway. Not too many responded, so all the better for all of you who did! 

The first winner is...

Kathy E.!!!!!!!

Kathy blogs at Hazel's Daughter. Be sure to pop over and say HI!
Congratulations Kathy. Be sure to email your address to me at sewbussted@yahoo.com

If you didn't win to day, don't worry, I have 2 more caddies to give away, so be sure to come back by tomorrow and......the next day. You just might win :)  

I'm off for a birthday massage :) Lucky Me!!!

Wishing you all a very special day!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Sadu Fabrics Inspire Beautiful Garments

Good Morning!

It's that time of year when we all get a little crazy. I am doing my utmost best to keep my days as stress free as possible. A little decorating later today. I have orders for the pickles that I make, so that's on the to do list, but...I plan on getting in some walks and at least 1 yoga class this week. 

A few days ago, the video below was posted on Facebook and I was so inspired. You may have seen it, but if you haven't, by all means, take a look. It's just a little over 2 minutes long, so it won't take any time at all. Absolutely love how the traditional Sadu fabrics of the Bedouin women have been used in such a lovely, modern, and yet, respectful manner. 

The designer, Katya Kovtunovich in and surrounded by her designs.

I love the inspiration of the stripes. Just a touch on this little black dress.

Fabulous pencil skirt design.

Love the pants. 

My favorite piece of all. Such a fun use of the stripes.


Katya's story is really quite interesting. Her parents felt that although her dream was to be a fashion designer, she should pursue something that would give her a better chance at success. She became a writer for Vogue magazine, but ultimately pursued her dream. You can read her story HERE. It's a little long, but well worth the time.   

Have a wonderful start to your week!
And remember to do something nice for yourself :)

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Sunday, December 10, 2017